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यह साइट सिर्फ और सिर्फ मनोरंजन के लिए बनाई गई है । यह साइट सट्टे से जुड़ी किसी भी गतिविधि को बढ़ावा नहीं देती । सट्टा और जुआं जिस देश या राज्य में प्रतिबंधित है वहां के लोग हमारी साइट को ब्लॉक कर दें | किसी भी लाभ या हानि के लिए आप खुद जिम्मदार होंगे ।

Satta King

  • Gali

    (11:00 PM)

    {09} satta Matka [--]

  • Disawer

    (05:10 AM)

    {08} satta Matka [--]

  • Gaziyabad

    (08:15 PM)

    {58} satta Matka [--]

  • Faridabad

    (06:05 PM)

    {44} satta Matka [--]

  • Taj

    (03:00 PM)

    {57} satta Matka [--]

  • Peshawar

    (03:00 PM)

    {41} satta Matka [--]

  • Shri Ganesh

    (04:30 PM)

    {11} satta Matka [--]

  • Hindustan

    (05:00 PM)

    {71} satta Matka [--]

  • South Delhi

    (07:30 PM)

    {00} satta Matka [--]

  • Gurgaon

    (05:10 PM)

    {11} satta Matka [--]


भाईयों अभी तक तो आपने सभी को देखा और आजमाया भी सभी ने आपसे पैसे लिये और ब्लॉक किया । जोडी भी दी तो 5 जोडी दी। हम आपको ये दावे के साथ कहते हैं हमारी जोडी कंपनी से लीक होती है इसकी कोई पलट नही ना हरफ सीधी जोडी ही आती है सिंगल जोडी के लिये सम्पर्क करे।


What is the method to get an exact number in Disawer Satta King?

The majority of people enjoy Sattaking because it is a relatively basic game that involves predicting numbers from 0 to 9. With a small amount of study and practise, everyone can be a master of Sattaking. The honesty of the game has made it extremely popular among the general public.

This incredible Satta king game was created by “Kalyanji Bhagat” in the 1960s and was popular until the 1990s, but the reality is completely different.

The Sattaking industry is classified as an informal sector by the Indian government’s legislation.

However, many individuals play this game in their everyday lives because it’s a fun game..

A user has selected three (3) different numbers from 0–9 in Satta king.

For example, your primary selection at random is 2,3,9. The final number will be calculated using your chosen numbers (2 + 3 + 9). In this case, the number is 14.

Also the last digit of this number can be applied from the terminal sum. It’s four in this case. As a result, your main draw would be 2,3,9 *4.

Then there’s an additional set of numbers to choose from. Those are shifted in the same manner as the first one. Let’s see what we can come up with for the second draw: 8,1,9. The total of those figures equals 18. Our last selection for the lucky draw is 8,1,9 *8 because we have the last digit of the previous sum.

As a result, our final number draw (which incorporates both the first and second draws) is: 2,3,9 *4 X 8,1,9 *8.

Play the Sattaking game in this manner. Your game will undoubtedly be won by you. Refer to the greatest Satta king websites for the best advice. You can receive the most recent update from there.

Yes! There is a method for predicting the outcome of a forthcoming draw.

First of all you will have to check if there is any number missing from the last few days chart. I.e


We see here now we have all the number 0–9 but we see only 0 and 4 are missing.

So the next draw must be 0–4 × 1–2–3–9

Which is 01 41 02 42 03 43 09 49

It’s now 60% chances that you’ll have one of these as next draw.

First, look over the last several days’ chart to see if any numbers are missing. I.e


We can see that we have all of the numbers from 0 to 9 here, but there is only two numbers 0 and 4 are missing.

As a result, the next draw will be 0–4 1–2–3–9.

01 41 02 42 03 43 09 49 is the phone number.

There’s a 60% chance you’ll get one of these in the next draw.

Only invest the amount of money that would return a significant profit and will not harm your pocket if you lose it.

I always recommend starting at ₹20 per number, which can net you ₹1800, and going up to ₹250 or ₹200 is up to you.

Best of luck folks

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